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[pokemon design]Pokemon Fan Creates Awesome Custom Xbox Design Lab Concepts

  A fan of both Pokemon and Xbox shares multiple controller designs from the Xbox Design Lab inspired by many of the available Pokemon.

  By Trumann Tu

  Published 2 days ago



  The Xbox Design Lab?has had?a?highly anticipated relaunch, giving fans what they’ve wanted for a long time. The Design Lab allows fans?to customize an Xbox controller to their liking and have it shipped to them. This includes their choice of colors and optional engravings that can be added to the controller. One particular fan sought to create controllers?inspired by Nintendo’s Pokemon?franchise.

  The Xbox Design Lab gives fans robust options to choose from when customizing their controller, allowing them to be recolored in almost every area.?This includes the body, bumpers, triggers, and joysticks, which can all be changed with 18 different color options. The face buttons also have some options, though they’re slightly more limited in comparison to the others. With these options at hand, one?particular fan shared their designs based on the different Pokemon throughout the generations.


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  With Pokemon having a diverse roster?of capturable critters over the years, one fan had Xbox controllers based off a select few from the franchise. These designs were shared by Reddit user mandoo12345. Some of these include fan favorite and recognizable ones from the first generation of Pokemon like Charizard, to ones from the more recent titles like Galarian Darmanitan. These color schemes are so diverse that?some of their design’s inspirations can be spotted at a glance, like the ghost-type Gengar one with its combination of purple, pink and black.



  Charizard Xbox Design Lab Controller by mandoo12345


  Fellow Redditors have complimented the choices made regarding the color schemes of the controllers. Reddit user mandoo12345 had noted that one of their favorite designs was the one inspired by Emolga, with its yellow and black scheme. Some fans who have?seen these custom?Xbox controller designs?have lamented that Nintendo hasn’t done a similar concept?with its?controllers.

  While the relaunch of Xbox Design Labs?has started off a little rocky, with Microsoft compensating those affected, fans have been excited to share their designs inspired by various different sources.?While these custom controllers?don’t have the same flair as currently officially released ones, with much more details. Even if they don’t?include things like logos that wear their inspirations on their sleeve, fans are still inspired by the myriad of options to create some unique designs.?Fans of Xbox’s rival companies are hoping that they could do a similar concept and allow their controllers to be customized to their specifications.


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  Source: Reddit


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