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[jurassic world evolution]Jurassic World Evolution 2 will focus on enhanced creativity, deeper management and more

  By Heidi Nicholas, 28 Jun 2021 900 ? ‘oMessages’ : ‘btnLoadMessageThread’);”> CommentsThe Jurassic World Evolution 2 team recently discussed the four key areas that the sequel will focus on: an authentic narrative, deeper management, enhanced creativity, and realistic dinosaurs.

  Game director Rich Newbold said that everything in the game should be working towards at least one of those key ideas. With an authentic narrative, the teams wants to “push the narrative aspects of the sequel,” with a story set after Fallen Kingdom. It’s the idea of enhanced creativity that’s most interesting, however — one of the drawbacks of Jurassic World Evolution was its limitations with customisation and terrain tools, but Newbold says they’re “adding extra tools and opportunities for you to really customise… and build those parks of your dreams.”

  Another issue with the first game was the limits of its management mechanics, but Newbold says they’re aiming for deeper management with the sequel. “We wanted to add a lot more levers, a lot more things that the player is doing whilst they’re managing their parks, when it comes to the guests, the dinosaurs… building that park and managing that park and dealing with the moment-to-moment aspects of running a dinosaur theme park.” By the time you got to grips with the first game you’d often have quite a bit of downtime while new dinosaurs were being created, research was being completed, excavation teams were off fossil-hunting, or new buildings were being constructed. From the sound of things, the sequel will bring us more to do, and hopefully cut out some of that downtime. Frontier recently detailed a few of the new features coming with the sequel, such as a territory system and wild dinosaurs, tying into the game’s fourth pillar: realistic dinosaurs. Newbold adds that the game features “over 75 different prehistoric species,” and that this realism will be achieved with “a lot more depth in their behaviours, in the way they move around your landscapes and environments, how they interact with each other.” We had a glimpse of dino behaviour in two new Species Field Guide videos, where we also saw another of Jurassic World Evolution 2’s new features, as two Amargasauruses were released at the same time.

  We’ll be sure to keep an eye out and update you with any major Jurassic World Evolution 2 news. In the meantime, what are you most excited for in the sequel? Let us know in the comments!Xbox Series X|SXbox One

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