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[Assassin’s Creed Origins]Assassin’s Creed: 10 Ways Origins Fixed The Series | CBR

  With the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins in 2017, fans saw a complete (and much needed) revitalization of the beloved series.

  By Conor Gunn

  Published Apr 29, 2021


  AC Origins Bayek walking through the desert

  Originally made as a spiritual successor to the?Prince of Persia franchise,?Assassin’s Creed quickly became one of the most recognizable brands in gaming of the last decade. Since the release of the first game in 2007 ( currently with twelve titles under its belt, and another twelve spin-off titles)?there is no shortage of content for fans to enjoy.

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  However, with fourteen years of games, the series was in dire need of a reset to revive the unique and iconic gameplay first seen in the original. And with the release of?Assassin’s Creed Origins in 2017, fans saw a complete revitalization of the beloved series.


  AC Origins Bayek battling a boss

  The most noticeable change in the?AC format was the redesign of the combat system. Where the original games focused on a simple dodge-counter mechanic, players now had access to blocks, dodges, rolls, new ranged weapon types, light and heavy attacks, and even a parry.

  Pulling away from the paired animation system that broke combat down into a set of pre-programmed animations, players now had more freedom making combat more lively and skill-based. Aspects of the environment also became weapons and enemy archetypes required the player to change their weapons to best suit the situation.


  AC origins concept art

  The main storyline for the Assassin’s Creed series focused on the invisible war between the Assassins and the Templars, starting first with Desmond Miles and the Abstergo corporation. However,?Origins, keeping to its name, takes us back to the very beginning of that conflict and shows the foundation of both orders, as well as the introduction of the Apple and Staff of Eden, two ancient alien artifacts.

  Through the Animus we are introduced to our new protagonist, Layla Hassan, who leads this new story investigating ancient wonders for clues of an apocalyptic event, creating a new focus for the series’ story.


  AC origins skill tree

  In redefining the series, Ubisoft added a variety of brand new mechanics to mesh with the new setting they had developed. Players could better observe this new game world through the eyes of?Senu, a feathered companion, that allowed players to view the world from a bird’s eye view to scout ahead and even mark enemies to keep a track of them.

  A wealth of new RPG-esq mechanics flooded the game with different weapons and armor types each with various stats to consider, chariot racing, an optional arena tournament, and stone circle puzzles to solve, all of which can be found on your own time within the game world.

  AC origins Bayek and Cleopatra

  Side missions litter an expansive map that the player can complete outside of the main story. NPC’s throughout the game offers missions of rescuing prisoners, hunting treasure, and defeating bandits in exchange for money, XP, and even items.

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  With a variety of quests on offer per region of the map,?Origins created a world with more depth and variety than previous entries in the series and provided more content for players who wished to take a break from the main story for a more relaxed and laidback experience.


  AC origins Layla Hassan in front of white pyramid

  Mainline?Assassin’s Creed games have primarily taken place in either the Middle East, Europe, or the Americas, often switching between those three areas throughout the series.?Origins is the first of the mainline games to take place on the African continent, spreading the Assassins-Templar war across the world, showing how it manifests in different cultures.

  The step into a history so unlike the previous entries in the series shows a desire to expand the franchise even more than before with mainline titles exploring other new locations and cultures throughout the world.


  A map covering the entirety of Egypt in the year 48BC, players were gifted a map larger than any other?AC?title.?They were free to explore whether it be by horse, camel, and boats with maritime travel continued from?previous title?Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but more user friendly.

  A wide variety of biomes to explore from scorching deserts to cities of the ancient world all teeming with treasure and adventure to seek. They could also raid bandit camps, lost tombs, and pyramids, and be rewarded with rare and illustrious loot.


  AC origins Bayek on horseback drawing a bow

  You can play the game however you want. Thanks to?Origins’ expansive skill tree you can build a character to approach situations how you want to. No longer are you restricted to sneaking everywhere in a repetitive cycle. If you want to go in bows blazing and infiltrate a fort in one large scuffle you can.

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  The advancement of mechanics allows you to immerse yourself into the position of the character and plan out how you will accomplish your goals in whatever way you wish.

  Bayek headshot AC origins

  Former Abstergo researcher Layla Hassan takes the stage as our primary protagonist for the overarching story in the modern timeline. However, as with every?AC game, through the use of the Animus, she is able to inhabit the body of a figure from the past. In the year 48BC, we follow former Medjay, Bayek of Siwa, who hunts the masked men responsible for the murder of his son, Khemu.

  As a Medjay, Bayek is a trained warrior and ranger more than worthy of taking up the mantle of the Assassins. Together he and his wife, Aya, embark on a journey that changes the very fate of Egypt.


  Concept art of a street in AC origins

  Despite being a series rooted in history,?Origins was the first to use its platform to teach lesser-known aspects of the Egyptian world. From white pyramids with golden tips to the structures of cities,?Origins’ world is well researched and carefully constructed. The game features the Library of Alexandria which provides guided tours and the players can learn various passages of history from the real world at their leisure.

  Ubisoft set out not only to make a good open-world game but also wanted to show an appreciation for a fascinating point in history.

  Promotional front shot of Bayek from AC origins

  Breathing new life into a long-running series of any form requires a step away from the original design. The move from the more traditional and linear style stealth gameplay from previous?Assassin’s Creed games to a much wider and varied open-world RPG was game-changing.

  The release of?Origins was a much-needed shift in how the game was played and how the series would develop in the future. Redefining and constantly innovating will allow the series to stay alive and create more content for players.

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