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[Incredibox]Today’s best iOS + Mac app deals: Incredibox, iWriter, SiNKR, Mybrushes, more

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  We are now ready to gather all of today’s best Mac and iOS app deals into one convenient list for you. This morning brought the best prices of the year on Apple Watch SE styles and you’ll find up to $149 off Apple’s latest M1 MacBook Air for the best prices yet, but for now we are on to the day’s best price drops on games and apps. Today’s collection is headlined by Incredibox, iWriter, SiNKR: A minimalist puzzle, Mybrushes, New Gratitude Journal, and more. Hit the fold for a closer look at all of today’s best Mac and iOS app deals.?

  iOS Universal:?Coins – Personal account book: FREE (Reg. $2)

  iOS Universal:?Incredibox: $1 (Reg. $4)

  iOS Universal:?iWriter: $1 (Reg. $3)

  iOS Universal:?New Gratitude Journal: $1 (Reg. $3)

  iOS Universal:?SiNKR: A minimalist puzzle: $2 (Reg. $3)

  iOS Universal:?Cover – Noodles Timer: $1 (Reg. $3)

  iOS Universal:?Crystalline Visual Novel: $2 (Reg. $10)

  Mac: Icon Plus – Icon & Logo Design: $1 (Reg. $5)

  Mac: Mybrushes-Sketch,Paint,Design: FREE (Reg. $10)

  iOS Universal:?Hex – AI Board Game: FREE (Reg. $1)

  iOS Universal:?CM: Contraction Timer/Monitor: FREE (Reg. $1)

  iOS Universal:?Pixelizator: FREE (Reg. $1)

  iOS Universal:?Sliding Puzzle – Board Game: FREE (Reg. $1)

  iOS Universal:?Achi – Strategy game: FREE (Reg. $1)

  iOS Universal:?Starlight – Explore the Stars: FREE (Reg. $1)

  iOS Universal:?Rent Business Tycoon Game: FREE (Reg. $4)

  iOS Universal:?The Eyes of Ara: $3 (Reg. $5)

  iOS Universal:?Metadata: $1 (Reg. $2)

  iOS Universal:?EoEbooks: $4 (Reg. $8)

  Mac: SkySafari 6 Pro: $30 (Reg. $40)

  Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Choose your musical style among 7 impressive atmospheres and start to lay down, record and share your mix. Part game, part tool, Incredibox is above all an audio and visual experience that has quickly become a hit with people of all ages. The right mix of music, graphics, animation and interactivity makes Incredibox ideal for everyone. And because it makes learning fun and entertaining, Incredibox is now being used by schools all over the world.

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