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[games leaving xbox game pass]Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 5 More Games Quite Soon


  Xbox Game Pass has been adding a ton of new games over the course of the past month, but as normal with Microsoft’s subscription service, it loses some popular games every now and then as well. Once again, that trend will be continuing in the next few weeks as it was recently revealed that five popular titles in total are soon going to exit the service.

  Spotted on the official Xbox website, five new titles have recently shown up in the Game Pass “Leaving Soon” tab. Two of these titles happen to come from Electronic Arts and are the first two entries in the publisher’s UFC fighting series, both of which are known as EA Sports UFC and EA Sports UFC 2. The third title happens to be that of CrossCode, which has been an indie darling in recent years and has been the recipient of quite a bit of critical praise. Lastly, Endless Space 2: Deluxe Edition and Downwell round out the list of games that are soon slated to be going away.

  There are a few additional pieces of information that are worth mentioning with this move, however. For starters, not all of these games are available across all iterations of Xbox Game Pass. Both EA Sports UFC titles and CrossCode are available on the console version of Game Pass. Conversely, Downwell and Endless Space 2 are solely on PC. While Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members have access to all of these titles, each individual component of the subscription platform isn’t losing five games on its own.

  Lastly, we also don’t currently know when these titles could be exiting Xbox Game Pass. As the Xbox website notes, games that appear on this “Leaving Soon” tab only have two more weeks of availability. And while we don’t know what that might equate to since it’s unknown when these games appeared in this category, we do know that they’ll be gone by the week of July 11th.

  So how do you feel about these new departures from Xbox Game Pass? Are you going to look to buy any of these games for a lower cost before they leave the service? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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