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[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]Masahiro Sakurai Didn’t Think Super Smash Bros Was Right for Online Play

  In Sakurai’s most recent Famitsu column, he talks about online play and reveals that he originally didn’t want to give Smash online play.

  By Zackari Greif

  Published Jun 28, 2021



  After revealing?Kazuya?as the next fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai is set to give another presentation on how the fighter works soon. For fans in Japan awaiting the latest info on the fighter, they have personal Famitsu?columns by the famous game director?to read?to pass the time. The latest article gave something most fans wouldn’t expect from Sakurai, and that would be his opinion on online matchmaking,?along with how he didn’t think Super Smash Bros. would work well with it.

  Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the first title in the series to offer online play. After the feature was added to the Wii game, every entry in the series since has continued the trend of online play which has helped blossom a strong competitive Smash Bros. community.

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  NintendoEverything has translated the Famitsu column that?has Sakurai’s opinion?on Smash Bros. including online matchmaking in it.?He talks about how the Nintendo All-Star fighting game is unpredictable thanks to the simple controls and inclusion of items, but mentions how for competitive play it’s usually player versus player with items off. “Of course, I think that’s a good thing,” Sakurai states. “Players should be free to enjoy the game no matter what rules they choose.”

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  Sakurai eventually?goes on to say?Smash Bros. originally got online play out of “necessity for the times.” He expresses that he personally thinks the crossover fighting game?is best played locally with friends to see who is the best for fun, and that Smash on a more globally competitive scale would go against the nature of the more whimsical part of the game that way. “…in Smash’s case, the players wanted it, so I abandoned my uncertainties.”


  It speaks a lot about Sakurai’s dedication for his fans that he decided to ignore his own views on the matter and add such a highly requested feature. It shows the same respect for what the fans desire that has lead to such fighter additions like Banjo & Kazooie, Ridley, and King K. Rool. After all, without the fans, Smash Bros. would most definitely not have the reach it has today.

  The way the director of such a big fighting game?feels about online play gives a small bit of context to the state of the most recent title’s?current online play. While some of it may be on Nintendo’s end with outdated technology being used for Switch Online’s servers, among other things, perhaps the lack of a push for more helpful online play features for Smash may come from Sakurai’s more lackluster opinions of Smash online. At the very least, the inclusion of a feature that lets you play with friends far away ended up working in Smash Bros.’ favor recently with the pandemic, and without a doubt fans connecting online to play either competitively or for fun have been grateful for Sakurai’s decision across the globe.


  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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  Source: NintendoEverything


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