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[fallout 76 news]Fallout 76: How to Get (& Use) Mutations | Screen Rant

  Fallout 76 features a slew of mutated creatures in the wasteland. Here’s how players can get their own mutations and gain superhuman abilities.

  By Joe Johnson

  Published 4 days ago



  Fallout 76 brings players to the wretched wastes of Appalachia, specifically, West Virginia. Although Fallout 76 takes place?only 25 years after the bombs dropped, Appalachia is an irradiated wasteland just like the settings of previous Fallout games. While adventuring through the Appalachian wastes, players will encounter a slew of irradiated?beings, and even newly-introduced NPCs,?that became mutated after the nuclear blasts.

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  Wasteland creatures are not the only?beings in Fallout 76 that mutated. Some humans also mutated into zombielike ghouls, crazed Scorched, and super mutants, attacking players on sight. While these grotesque humanoids may be deformed and insane, their mutations imbue them with superhuman strength and agility. Players can also beef up their character with mutations that provide similar benefits. Here’s how to acquire mutations in Fallout 76.



  Players can get mutations in Fallout 76 by exposing their character to high amounts of radiation. Each mutation provides players with a positive and negative effect, similar to the “traits” in previous Fallout games. It is possible to have up to 18 of the 19 available mutations at one time since two of the mutations are mutually exclusive (herbivore and carnivore). There is no way to control which mutations a player will receive. Multiple attempts may be required to get the desired mutations.

  Before heading out to get mutations, players must be at least level 5 to access them. Although it is optional, players may want to reach an even higher level before beginning the journey. The mutation process does not involve fighting any high-level creatures, however, there are perks unlocked at later levels that relate to mutations.?At level 30, the Starched Genes perk becomes available. Level 2 of the Starched Genes perk makes players immune to mutations?while simultaneously?allowing players to use RadAway without it taking away any?acquired mutations. This means players can unequip Starched Genes, acquire a mutation, equip Starched Genes afterward, and then cure rad poisoning without stripping their character of the mutation. At level 46, the perk Class Freak becomes available. Class Freak reduces the negative effects of mutations by 75%. Players can maximize mutations’ effectiveness by equipping both Class Freak and Starched Genes in the mutation process.


  There are two quick ways to acquire mutations in Fallout 76. Neither method involves?items that need to be purchased or crafted from item plans. The first method?involves collecting as much dirty water as possible from an irradiated water source. Simply drink the dirty water and gain radiation until a mutation is acquired. If the character dies, just respawn nearby and repeat the process until a mutation notification pops up. The second method uses the Starched Gene perk for maximum efficiency. This method requires players to travel to the Emmet Mountain Disposal Site directly east of Whitespring Resort. The disposal site interior contains irradiated barrels right next to decontamination showers. Unequip Starched Genes and stand next to the barrels to increase radiation levels. Once the radiation gets too high, use the showers to decrease radiation level. If a mutation has been acquired, make sure to re-equip Starched Genes before decontamination. Keep in mind, once a single mutation has been acquired, players cannot get any more mutations on that server. Return to the main menu and join another game to keep stacking mutations!


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  Fallout 76 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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