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[Cobra Kai The Karate Kid]Because the new program launched less Netflix first quarter subscription user growth speed slowdown

  According to foreign media the Verge,Netflix has experienced a year of latency after production.Due to the less program launched by the company,The new subscription amount is slowing down.The company is currently 2 in the world.08 billion pay users,2 in the quarter.2004 billion has increased.But compared with the rapid growth of Netflix in the same period 2020,This is a substantial slowdown.At that time it added four times new user.


  This is also less than Netflix wants to increase.The company believes that it will reach 2 in the first quarter.100 million users,But it is less than 2 million.These results are announced in the first quarter earnings in Netflix.After the results announced,The stock price fell about 10% in the trading of the disk.Note Investors are surprised by this result.

  Netflix spent most of the time in the quarter letter of shareholders explaining why it thinks that the growth rate will have such a big slowdown.Netflix said,The root cause of the problem is the new crown.Last year,When everyone is trapped at home,Looking for something that can be viewed,New Crown is accelerating subscription.The epidemic also led to the postponement of programs and movie production.Resulting in the launch of Netflix in the first half of 2021 “content less”.

  Netflix expects to continue to grow in the next quarter,The company’s forecast only increased by 1 million users.last year,It has increased 10 million in the second quarter.

  Netflix said,Things should come later this year.A “very powerful second half of the year” – the return of “Wizard” and some big institutions in some big production movies should help to bring more users to the service.


  If Netflix wants to continue to grow in the past few years,It still has some recruiting work to do.Netflix provides a chart provided in the earning report (see the figure below),In 2017-2019,The company even fell back to its usual speed of additional users.

  Netflix is not only facing the limit from the new crown.And the company is also facing more and more competition.HBO MAX and Disney + continue to issue new works regularly.Netflix said,Due to “Bridgerton”, “Yarsen Robin” (Lupin) and “Cobra” (Cobra Kai,The appearance,Its in this quarter is strong.But obviously it doesn’t have enough hot works waiting for it.Unable to keep up with previous growth.

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