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[opconnect]Shorepower Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Appearing on OpConnect® Network | Business Wir


  and OpConnect

  have entered into an agreement to connect Shorepower’s Level II electric

  vehicle charging stations to OpConnect’s

  Electric Vehicle Charging Network. EV

  drivers charging on Shorepower’s charging stations will have access to

  all of the features of OpConnect’s network, including real-time views of

  networked charging stations, real-time status of their charging

  sessions, charging history and billing management, and in the future,

  reservation capability. “OpConnected” Shorepower stations

  will also be visible from the OpConnect iPhone application, allowing EV

  drivers to see real-time status of the station’s charging ports, to find

  available stations and get turn-by-turn directions to an available

  station. This agreement does not cover Shorepower’s Truck

  Stop Electrification products.

  “We are delighted to be able to offer convenient OpConnect

  features to our growing network of energy vending machines. OpConnect’s

  cutting edge technology helps solidify Shorepower’s position in the EVSE

  market,” said Alan Bates, Shorepower’s VP of Marketing.

  “OpConnect is proud to have another Oregon-based company as the

  first OEM partner for our EV Charging Network. We have been

  able to integrate Shorepower’s stations into our network in less than 90

  days and this partnership demonstrates that our open architecture

  enables any charging station OEM to quickly and cost-effectively join

  our network and provide its features to EV drivers,” said Dexter Turner,

  OpConnect’s President.

  About Shorepower: Shorepower is a transportation

  electrification infrastructure company offering simple, cost-effective

  solutions for connecting cars and trucks to the electrical grid.

  Products and services offered include SmartWay?-verified Truck Stop

  Electrification (TSE), as well as charging stations for Electric

  Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). Shorepower

  corporate facilities are located in Portland, Oregon and Utica, New

  York. www.shorepower.com.

  About OpConnect: OpConnect is a technology leader in

  electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and network systems. The

  OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System? is an end-to-end EV charging

  solution including charging stations, a secure wireless communications

  network, billing solutions and mobile phone applications. For more

  information about OpConnect, please visit www.opconnect.com

  and view our OpConnect

  EVSE Partner Network video on YouTube.

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