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[ways to make extra cash from home]Libra Tarot Horoscopes: July 2021

  If you’ve felt stuck or stagnant in love, it’s due to conflicting timelines between you and a divine partner—one or both of you is involved with someone else right now and needs to tie up loose ends, or they’re at a physical distance from you. Give yourself the summer months to enjoy being free. Allow yourself to be swept off your feet by many potential partners, and don’t settle until you’ve found someone that speaks the same “soul language” you do. Now is the time for you to get clear about what you truly want, and wait patiently for your specialty order from the universe to arrive.

  The Empress tarot card

  The Empress: Oh my, look at all this Venus energy in the house, Libra: You, Taurus season, and The Empress are all Venus ruled—and what a beautiful match-up this is! The month of May is going to be about indulging. You’re being encouraged to say yes to everything that feels good and healthy, and no to anyone or anything that feels out of alignment. If you don’t want to pick up an extra shift or client, that’s a clear no. If you want to take yourself to the beach, the spa, or your favorite restaurant, that’s a clear yes. When you allow yourself to enjoy your life without so much weight to that singular decision, you set yourself free. You’re not a glutton because you let yourself get dessert, and you’re not a bad friend just because you didn’t want to pick up the phone. Let go of the many rules and restrictions you’ve placed upon your life, and simply learn how to find balance between pleasure and responsibility.

  For some of my Libras, you’ve been holding back on making a life-altering decision due to fear of how others would view you. Know that May will be a perfect window of time to embrace your truest self. For some of you, this means a change in your current relationship dynamic. When you’re honest with yourself, it’s easier to be honest with the ones you love. For others, this means shedding an old career identity. You are not chained to the jobs that you’ve held, and if there’s any shame, guilt, or misalignment with how you show up to the rest of the world, use May to cleanse these away. Sage your home, clear your heart, and release your past. Today is a new day, and the world is ready for your light to fully shine.

  the hermit tarot card

  The Hermit: Dearest Libra, rebalance your scales and find some down time during the month of April. It seems like your mind has been darting around even faster than your schedule has. If you’ve found it difficult to set boundaries around your alone time, this is the month to change your choices. Some of you have been giving most of your time to a partner, friend, or workplace and neglecting your basic needs. I sense that intuitive movement will be very helpful in the coming weeks as you move through heavy emotions and start to find meaning in the hardships you’ve gone through. I sense many of you alchemizing your pain and turning it into your passion. For those of you who work jobs where you can help or give back to others, this will be a very prosperous month for you. I see raises, promotions, or new opportunities for work that lead to your ultimate success.

  If you’re studying or in school, this will be a great time to bury your head in your books and catch onto new information quickly. Try to turn on classical music or download a playlist of binaural beats during April to help you focus, sleep, and connect to your energetic body. Remember that the relationship you cultivate with yourself will ultimately mirror itself in the relationships you’re able to create with those around you. If you want to get deeper, closer, or more vulnerable with someone, try to understand the ways that you’re able to do this with yourself first. Use April to learn about who you are, deep down, so you can share yourself confidently with those you love.

  two of pentacles tarot card

  Two of Pentacles: Libra, it’s safe to say you have more than enough on your plate right now. The urge that you’re feeling to add even more responsibilities or obligations is an old wound that will require you to sit in stillness in order for it to fully heal. The best way to do many things is to do one thing at a time. You are not required to run yourself dry before taking a break. Remember that your perspective on life is going to be the greatest indicator of how your future unfolds. Start to watch your wording as you discuss your life, career, and health. Make sure that you phrase your sentences as “I get to do these things” vs. “I have to do these things” and watch how those small moments of gratitude change your entire trajectory forward.

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