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[Ryte Yoast SEO]How to make the WordPress website more successful?

  right now,The corporate website is the first impression of many customers.research shows,One person is judged to be a few milliseconds,Therefore, the business owner needs potential customers to give active evaluation.Small businesses may not have resources such as web designers or advanced HTML codes such as large companies.But this does not mean that the small business owner can’t build a beautiful website – in an appropriate way.Xiaobian has organized some suggestions.Follow the following tips to optimize the WordPress website of small businesses.


  Make sure the website is running normally

  The ultimate goal of a small business WordPress website is to improve sales.therefore,It first needs to work well.The founder of TGroup Marketing Method, Michelletremer, said,Creating a website that can run is essential first.”Although this sounds, it is not very attractive,But the method that stands out is nothing more than performance and functionality.The business owner can have the most creative website in the world.But if it can’t run smoothly,It’s not going.Start with a quick run, fully functional website.Reduce the functions and characteristics of the flowers,Maintain a simple style,Recommended reading: How can the website stand out?

  The website represents the brand

  When designing the website,Consider the background of the industry,This is equivalent to creating a line under the store.Bath & Body Works has different design styles with Apple Store.CEO LISA Chu fully considers its own brand and industry when creating a website for its children’s apparel company Black N Bianco.”In the fashion world,Vivid, fashionable and clean design is standard.therefore,We apply the same standard to our website design.In order to make our website stand out,We chose your own unique color, pattern and images,Resonance with our brand.”

  In addition,The website can make people understand their own business faster.If the website structure is unreasonable,It is not good to use,People will make the same guess to the company.The founder of White Wolf Private Tours, Dylan Gallagher, I hope that my website can give people a feeling of traveling with the company.”If we can’t create a powerful website,How can we provide high quality trips?Although there is no association in technology,But our customers may think so after logging in.We spent thousands of hours to improve,Let them feel our enthusiasm,Just like them in Yosemite trip.”

  Don’t use all kinds of image library resources

  Using the photo library indicates that the business owner lacks experience.Xiaobian believes that two non-related people have photos on the WordPress website of small businesses.It will make people feel very ordinary.year 2011,Marketing experiments found thatPeople click on the possibility of advertising with real customers than clicking stock photos Stock Photos The possibility of 35% high.”If there is a budget,Investment hire illustrator or custom photographer,Because this will give the website a unique look and feel,over time,This will become a brand unique image.Stock Photo I will look like a template,This will leave a bad impression on the visitor.”Want to know more about the US host,Recommended reading: US host applicable group

  This will be visual attraction worth investing.More personalized websites,Add a few tips again:

  .Strive for the help of those true employees,Shoot the publicity of the brand.Photography for product photography

  .Choose a WordPress topic with the selected photo

  Add only plugins that provide important functions

  The plugin can save the WordPress website for small businesses.Learn how to use the WordPress plugin,And choose the best plugin for the website,The plugin can improve the main performance of the website,include:

  .Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  .Website performance

  .Content management

  .social media

  Although the security of the website is in a lower position in the priority list of the business owner,But for the customer,This is a key factor.THE GRAY DOT Company CEO Digital Market Strategist Tory Gray said thatIn terms of SEO,Yoast is a popular plugin for guidance.”[Yoast]is like a personal SEO coach,Help the website owner follow SEO best practices.Website owners can edit the meta-description, write keywords, and add architecture tags, etc.Attract more potential customers click to enter the site.”

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