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[Gods of Boom]Basilisk #1: Free From Your False Gods

  If you want to read a horror story in comics, there is one particular name that you absolutely can’t go wrong with and that is Cullen Bunn. With BOOM!’s newest supernatural horror?Basilisk, writer Cullen Bunn shows exactly why that still holds true as we dig into a first issue filled with dark intrigue, deadly powers and a mystery that will have you clinging onto every page.

  Basilisk?quickly lays the groundwork for an interesting premise in the early pages as we follow lead character Regan through some tough situations. She is a roamer, going from place to place with her eyes shielded for either her protection or those who stand in her way, but the story moves rapidly to set the stage for a larger cast of characters. Things turn deadly, as they tend to do in horror stories, and the powers that Regan holds becomes the catalyst driving the narrative.

  It’s a straightforward first issue, honestly. If Regan is a character that you find yourself rooting for in the first few pages, the issue is likely to be easy to enjoy. It doesn’t lean too heavily into the horror genre, instead opting for some more fantastical elements such as the powers themselves. There is a dark undercurrent at play however, and it’s here that Jonas Scharf and Alex Guimaraes utilize the artwork to ground the vision in a more horror-based approach. The pacing is tense, the color palette grim and even Dukeshire’s letters hint at the frantic terrors of the issue.

  While?Basilisk?#1 is an example of exceptionally well executed horror in comics, it also relies heavily on the concept of Regan and the Chimera almost to a fault. There isn’t much in the way of character development and though the premise holds up well for the first issue, I’m still not entirely certain it’s enough to hook readers and have them coming back for issue #2. The cliffhanger is enough to get my interest but I would really like to see more emphasis put on the supernatural elements to help the story stand out a little more. Even then, there is no denying that?Basilisk?has a lot of potential.

  For fans of darker mysteries this series is certainly worth checking out. With slightly more depth for the lead characters and some more information on the Chimera, the series could be primed to be another hit for BOOM! Studios who has recently had a keen eye for quality titles. There may not be as much lore to sink our teeth into as I would personally like, but all the pieces are there for this creative team to deliver something intriguing and arguably more important, worth spending your money on!

  Featuring a powerful artistic direction and the potential to grow this world in unpredictable terror-filled directions, Basilisk?is yet another horror comic you should be keeping an eye on.

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