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[warzone mac 10 loadout]Warzone best MAC-10 loadout: Our MAC-10 class setup recommendation and how to unlock the MAC 10 expl

  The MAC-10 in Warzone is an absolute powerhouse in close quarters for Call of Duty players, making it one of the more deadly weapons at close range to have made the jump over from Black Ops Cold War.

  As an SMG, the MAC-10 is generally only going to properly function when going up close and personal. Ideally, you’ll want to take the MAC-10 as your backup weapon, while using your other weapon slot for something with a little more range, like an assault rifle or a sniper.

  When used correctly though, the MAC-10 can be one of the best close range weapons in all of Warzone. It might not have much ammo in a standard clip, but the sheer fire rate of the weapon, combined with a decent base stopping power, makes for a gun that can down an enemy in a matter of seconds.

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  The MAC-10 was originally available at reward tier 15 in Season 1 Battle Pass for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

  MAC-10 side view

  As of February 25, 2021, with the launch of Warzone Season 2, the MAC-10 (alongside fellow Season 1 weapon the Groza) became available by completing specific weapon unlock challenges.

  Whichever way you manage to unlock the MAC-10, here’s how to get the most out of it…

  Just below, you can find our selection of the best attachments to use with the MAC-10 in Warzone:

  Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 9 (Unlocks at level 3)Barrel: 5.3? Ranger (Unlocks at level 30)Stock: Wire Stock (Unlocks at level 19)Rear Grip: SASR Jungle Grip (Unlocks at level 35)Underbarrel: Patrol Grip (Unlocks at level 24)

  The MAC-10 might be deadly at close range, but there’s still some attachments you’ll want to take to bolster a few stats in particular. First of these is the Muzzle Break 9 on the Muzzle attachment slot, a very early unlock which nonetheless gives you a nice bonus to vertical recoil control, which can make all the difference in tight situations.

  Next is the 5.3? Ranger attachment in the Barrel slot, which isn’t unlocked until weapon level 30. Despite this, it’s a great attachment for boosting bullet velocity, meaning there’s significantly less damage reduction to your shots the further away from an enemy you are, despite the fact that it’ll cost your aim while walking movement speed slightly.

  MAC-10 Gunsmith menu screenOur MAC-10 attachments in Call of Duty: Warzone

  For the Stock attachment option, we’ve opted for the Wire Stock, unlocked at weapon level 19. This unassuming stock option gives your MAC-10 a really nice sprint to fire time boost, so you can bring your weapon up to aim a lot quicker when you run smack bang into the middle of a firefight.

  The SASR Jungle Grip is an excellent option for your Rear Grip slot. This attachment gives you a nice boost to your aim down sight time and your flinch resistance, meaning you’re going to be dealing with a lot less weapon sway whenever you’re hit by enemy shots while aiming. Which, considering the close range nature of the MAC-10, is likely going to be happening quite a bit.

  Rounding out the attachment options for the MAC-10 is the Patrol Grip in the Underbarrel attachment slot. This might look like a slightly underwhelming choice, but it gives you a nice boost for your springing movement speed, making all the difference in close quarters situations when you’re able to outrun your enemy to get the drop on them.

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  In the list pictured just below, you can find details of all the Perks and equipment items that we deem essential for the MAC-10 in Warzone:

  Perk 1: Kill Chain (Unlocks at level 34)

  Perk 2: Overkill (Unlocks at level 8)

  Perk 3: Tracker (Unlocks at level 51)

  Secondary: MP5 (Unlocks at level 12)

  Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor (Unlocks at level 30)

  Lethal: Claymore (Unlocks at level 1)

  Kill Chain is a near-essential Perk for any custom class in Call of Duty: Warzone. Putting this in Perk Slot One seriously increases your chances of coming across a Killstreak in one of the Supply Boxes scattered around Verdansk and the Rebirth Island. If UAVs and Cluster Strikes sound good to you, this is the Perk to go with for option one.

  MAC-10 full loadout on Gunsmith tableOur MAC-10 custom class in Call of Duty: Warzone

  For Perk Slot two, we’d recommend Overkill. As we mentioned earlier, the MAC-10 isn’t exactly suited to ranged combat, and the last thing you want is to get picked off from a distance with no way to fight back. The Overkill Perk lets you select a primary weapon for your secondary slot, so get in an assault rifle like the M4A1 or another excellent ranged option.

  As for Perk three, you’ll want Tracker. This might unlock a fair while into your Warzone career at level 51, but it’s well worth the grind. Tracker lets you see the footprints left by enemy soldiers for a short while after they’ve passed through an area, meaning you can track someone’s position by just looking at the ground. Since the MAC-10 is a close quarters weapon, this is a great Perk to compliment it.

  Like Tracker, you might not unlock the Heartbeat Sensor for a fair while. This Tactical item lets you pinpoint the position of enemy players within 50 meters of your location, displaying as dots on a small screen. This is a perfect option for pinpointing nearby enemies, but it comes with the caveat that enemies can hide from your radar pings if they have the Ghost Perk equipped in slot two.

  MAC-10 over-shoulder view

  Finally, the Claymore is our go-to choice for the Lethal equipment slot. Simply put, the Claymore deals a tonne of damage to any player caught in the blast, and it’s a perfect defence item if you feel like someone’s pushing up on your position and playing aggressively.

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