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[warzone on mac]Call of Duty: Warzone Mac-10 blueprint reportedly stronger than base weapon

  YouTuber JGOD recently uploaded a video showing how the Mac-10 Gallantry blueprint is currently better than the base version of the gun in Call of Duty: Warzone, which provides an unfair advantage to players who don’t own the blueprint.?

  Weapon blueprints in Call of Duty: Warzone allow players to use a unique weapon skin that comes equipped with certain attachments by default. Blueprints don’t normally function differently from the base version of the weapon to avoid an unfair advantage. It was recently discovered, however, that the Mac-10 Gallantry blueprint is much stronger than the base Mac-10 and outperforms it in almost every category.?

  Apparent the Blueprint for the Mac is Way Stronger and not just for Headshot damage. Thats the Real Problem. LOL

  Doesnt Change the Meta right now, but it definitely needs to be fixed.

  Video is Here: https://t.co/No7mjGxQmp https://t.co/DBvphyAIGz pic.twitter.com/YkKioh3ttO

  — James – KRNG JGOD (@JGODYT) January 10, 2021

  JGOD highlighted the differences between the blueprint and the base version, and how the Gallantry blueprint does roughly 30 percent more damage. The weapon does more damage to every part of the body and is more effective at all ranges. The Gallantry Mac-10 also performs better than other SMGs like the two versions of the MP5.?

  Blueprint weapons are available in bundles and cost money to unlock. They traditionally provide a cosmetic difference and, in general, don’t change the effectiveness of the gun. The Gallantry blueprint effectively creates a pay-to-win scenario that puts every other player at a disadvantage.?

  This isn’t the first time a blueprint in Call of Duty provided an unfair advantage. Last year, a premium EBR-14 blueprint increased headshot damage and was much better than the base version. This was eventually resolved, and fans are hoping the Mac-10 Gallantry blueprint will also be adjusted.

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