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Will there be a Season 6 Fortnite live event leading into Season 7?

Credit: Epic Games

At the end of pretty much every season of Fortnite, players have enjoyed major season-ending live events.

These have ranged from massive battles between gargantuan robots and monsters, to exploding volcanoes and map-destroying black holes.

We even got one single-player event that ditched the live format entirely.

So what about the end of this season? Season 6 draws to a close today and Season 7 kicks off tomorrow, so surely some big event is in store to wrap things off and set the new season into motion…right?


Well, probably wrong. For many seasons now, Epic Games has provided a countdown of some sort, or announcements on social media or in blog posts, to inform players when to tune in for a live event. Even when all we got was a solo mission, Epic announced how it would work.

For the end of Season 6 and beginning of Season 7 we¨ve had nothing but crickets. No countdown timers, no announcements, not even a tease. Yes, we¨ve had some UFO abductions and other hints toward an alien-themed season, but that¨s it. Not a peep about a live event.

That¨s too bad. An alien arrival would have been really cool. I¨m not sure why Epic would drop the ball on something like this but here we are.

If anything changes, I¨ll update this post. But as of now, Season 7 will kick off with a whisper rather than a bang.


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And finally, here¨s when Season 7 starts and what to expect. Good luck out there, young padawans!

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