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[Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey]Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey guide: How to recruit new clan members by curing conditions

  In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, you have to care for the other (adult) members of your clan, and figure out how to help any strangers you want to recruit into it.

  Recruiting new clan members and keeping your current ones alive are crucial to the game. You need members to make babies, and you need babies to continue your lineage.

  But life is hard for an early hominid, and there’s always something they need. Sometimes it’s obvious, like if they’re actively bleeding out. Other times, it harder to spot, like if they’re thirsty or hungry.

  Below, we’ll talk about some of the conditions you’ll encounter and how to help out those hominids.

  If a hominid is a member of your clan, you can analyze them and see icons for any conditions. But you won’t get icons for everything, and you won’t be able to see conditions for strangers. For that, you’ll need to learn to read clues from their body language, like in the video above.

  Below, you’ll find a list of behaviors, their associated conditions, and their cures.









  Kapok fiber or horsetail paste

  Holding arm

  Broken bone


  Hand to head


  Cracked coco

  Stomach growling, hand to throat


  Any food

  Looking over shoulders


  Approach and reassure

  Pause periodically around your clan members to see if they do any of the things listed above. Watch any strangers you meet and see what they need. The hominid you’re currently controlling will also display these behaviors while you’re standing still.

  To cure a stranger’s condition, all you have to do is find the cure and hand it to them. If they’re thirsty, hand them a cracked coco (they won’t crack it themselves, so grab a rock and crack it open for them), or if they have a broken bone, hand them some horsetail.

  To cure your own conditions, you just have to eat or apply the correct item. If you’re bleeding, rub on some kapok fiber or some ground (with a granite grinder) horsetail paste. If you’re hungry, eat something.

  Curing other members of your clan is a little trickier. Unless you have the appropriate neurons unlocked along the communication (clan) branch, they won’t cure their own conditions even if you hand them what they need. And if their hands are full, they might not eat or drink on their own even if they see you do it. (If you’re not on an expedition and everyone is just wandering around your clan’s settlement, they tend to take care of themselves.)

  To attend to your clan’s conditions, you’ll have to take control of them and do it yourself.

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