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[Super Mario Odyssey]How many courses are there in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

  Mario Golf: Super Rush brings an action-packed new entry to the plumber’s golfing spinoff series.

  In terms of content, it isn’t as packed and the critics have let everyone know their feelings regarding that. Downloadable content is on the horizon, but what the DLC will contain is still anybody’s guess.


  It’s not certain what maps will come, but the game is in desperate need of rejuvenation. Interestingly, there are fewer maps in Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch than there were in Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS.

  Image via Nintendo <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="400" data-img="http://www.sfspirits.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210722064436-60f913d4d3ccf.jpg" alt="Image via Nintendo" data-img-low="http://www.sfspirits.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/20210722064436-60f913d4d3ccf.jpg" src="https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/data:image/svg+xml,“>Image via Nintendo

  There are seven total courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush. That is three fewer than the ten in World Tour. Each course delivers a different environment that golfers must adapt to.

  The XC courses in Mario Golf Super Rush are nooooooooooooot great. Who thought golfing directly up a sheer cliff with a limit on strokes would be fun? The whole course is like being in a bunker

  — Garett Mefford (@GarettMeff) June 26, 2021

  With only seven, critics and players alike hope that more courses will be added with downloadable content, along with new playable characters for Mario Golf: Super Rush. Here are all seven courses and their gimmicks:

  Rookie Highlands: This is a basic course with no obstacles.Bonny Greens: This is a classic-style golf course with some typical golfing hazards.Ridgerock Lake: A windy course that sits on a cliffside.Balmy Dunes: Balmy Dunes is a dry desert-themed course.Wildweather Woods: Rain and lightning provide some unfavorable conditions in this forest location.Bowser Highlands: This is a volanic golf course with various hazards, including lava pools.Super Golf Stadium: This indoor golf course is only used for Battle Golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

  During the Nintendo E3 presentation, it was noted that Mario Golf: Super Rush will receive free updates including additional courses and playable characters. However, the video indicates that only one new course has been added.

  The featured image above was shown in the presentation for Mario Golf: Super Rush. Fans of the Mario franchise will recognize it as New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey.

  Mario Golf: Super Rush is great so far and it really improves on a lot of the gameplay mechanics from Toadstool Tour, Advanced Tour, and World Tour, but the lack of a Tournament mode for each course makes it feel really empty. pic.twitter.com/Ph7XRzTuNF

  — Chris Shriver (@SHRIVES93) June 26, 2021

  Each course in the game needs to be unlocked, unlike the playable characters that are available from the start. Simply playing the holes on the previous course will allow players to unlock the next one.

  Stay tuned for more updates on Mario Golf: Super Rush as the list of seven courses is sure to increase. Having said that, let’s just hope the new courses don’t arrive too late and fans are still brimming with anticipation at that stage.

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