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[Battlezone Gold Edition]Battlezone Gold Edition Announced

  By Kelly Packard, 21 Apr 2018 900 ? ‘oMessages’ : ‘btnLoadMessageThread’);”> CommentsBattlezone, a May 2017 VR-exclusive title on PC and PlayStation 4, has ditched its VR hardware requirement and will be coming to more platforms with the announcement of Battlezone Gold Edition. The vibrant and colorful title sees players driving a Cobra tank through procedurally generated levels.


  Gamers can traverse “neon-scarred sci-fi landscapes” in solo or drop-in, drop out cooperative play for up to four players. There is an arsenal of weaponry including EMPs, rail guns, shields and more. Thanks to the procedural generation, no two playthroughs will be alike.

  The Gold Edition includes all the content previously released for Battlezone, including Classic Mode, a throwback to the classic Battlezone games of the ’80s. Classic Mode features “original two-track controls and worldwide leaderboards.”

  Battlezone Gold Edition launches on May 1st. Despite the game not launching for another couple weeks, we already picked up the achievement list at the beginning of April.

  We’ve got the full list of Battlezone Gold Edition achievements – check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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