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[Red Dead Redemption II]Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Be the Best Virtual Photographer on the Frontier

  Rockstar Games’ cowboy epic RDR2 remains one of the most popular titles for virtual photography thanks to its massive and detailed open-world.

  By Jeanette White

  Published Dec 10, 2020


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  Since its 2018 release, Red Dead Redemption 2 has proven to be one of the most popular titles for virtual photography on Instagram. Revered for its vast open-world, Rockstar Games’ cowboy epic contains beautiful locations calling to be immortalized in photographs. It’s clear that Rockstar put some thought behind Red Dead Redemption 2’s photo mode, which has quickly turned gamers into budding photographers.

  It may seem daunting, but learning?Red Dead’s camera features is key to creating photorealistic images. For those desiring to become the best virtual photographer on the frontier, here are a few tips for capturing the best of the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2.


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  Players can choose between two camera modes: Orbit and Free Cam. Orbit mode is very limited, as it is locked to the main character Arthur, placing him in the middle of the screen. For those wishing to replicate the gasp-worthy Instagram photos, Free Cam is the way to go. In this mode, the camera is detached from Arthur, providing flexibility for capturing shots. The only limitation is distance, which is designated by an invisible border. Once?you’ve mastered the?distance restriction, the options with Free Cam mode are endless.



  After selecting the appropriate camera mode, there are many other options available for capturing the perfect shot. The Height feature allows players to move the camera up and down vertically, which is an excellent way to?capture landscapes from above. Similar to the distance limitation of Free Cam, an invisible wall restricts Height. Roll is ideal for action shots; if the shot’s focus is a moving train or horse, Roll can capture the element of motion without unsightly blurring.

  Lens is one of the most important options in photo mode. Players can cycle through a variety of lenses, each offering a different field of vision. As a general rule of thumb, a wide lens is better for capturing landscapes, and a close-up lens is optimal for portraits or detailed shots. Selecting the wrong lens will result in images that are warped and unnatural. Zoom can also be used to move the camera closer or further away; however, this option is only available in Orbit Mode.


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  Similar to the aperture setting on a real camera, Blur allows players to focus on a subject and blur the rest of the image. This is great for?portraits, as it allows the attention to remain on the photographed character by making the background slightly out of focus. The feature isn’t a necessity, but it works well for generating photorealistic images.

  Exposure is an option that lowers or raises the light, resulting in brighter or darker scenes. Contrast adjusts the brightness of the image, which can be used in conjunction with Exposure to correct washed out images or add another element of depth.


  Photo mode also offers a wide range of filters to select from. Most of them simulate vintage photographic processes like Daguerreotype and Tintype. Some Red Dead?photographers consider the filters too stylized and maintain the opinion that images look better without them, but there is no right or wrong answer for filters. It really just comes down to personal taste. For players interested in using them, there is a?Filter Intensity feature that allows you to?adjust the intensity, making the filter more or less transparent.

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  Red Dead Redemption 2: Legendary Bear

  Red Dead Redemption 2’s open-world map is?incredibly detailed, so almost any location is prime for a photoshoot for virtual photographers with a keen eye. Players can photograph other characters, horses and even relics they’ve stumbled upon while exploring. But for those interested in landscapes or wildlife photography, Roanoke Ridge and Tall Trees deliver a healthy dose of nature. On the other hand, Saint Denis is one of the best towns for urban shots due to its impressive hotels, theaters and paved roads.

  For players seeking landscape variety, Grizzlies West features snowy hills, and Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh are lush swamps. Although it may seem unlikely to find beauty in a swamp, do not underestimate these locations, which offer the opportunity to capture sunlight filtering through the thick trees. Thanks to Red Dead Redemption 2’s massive open-world, the options are endless when it comes to landscapes. Even the Plague Town Of Lemoyne offers unique photo op opportunities with a Walking Dead flair.


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