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  The 10 Most Legendary Swords In Gaming

  By Gabrielle Marie Huston

  Published 3 days ago


  The gaming world has seen many swords over the years, but some of them have become almost as legendary as the games that gave them to us.


  Gaming wouldn’t be the same without our favourite sword-wielders. These characters have been iconic since the beginning and their designs and sword skills have only improved since then. Now, developers are doing things with swords that we never could have imagined 20 or 30 years ago.

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  Swords seem to be a fascination of humanity — they are found throughout history, throughout our popular culture, and throughout our video games. It’s undoubtedly worth taking a look at which swords are the most well-known, most powerful, and most iconic in gaming!


  Skyrim player in Daedric armor with Dragonbane sword

  Skyrim’s Dragonbane?is given to the player as a reward during the main quest. With an enchantment that deals extra damage to dragons, it quickly becomes an essential tool for players traversing Skyrim’s dangerous wilderness, where Dragons could pop out of the woodwork at any time to attack you.

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  For that reason, it’s among the strongest unique swords available in Skyrim. The classic Blades sword look never goes out of style and your Dragonborn will?always look badass wielding it.

  Minecraft Guy Holding Diamond Swords While Riding A Boat

  via: youtube.com (Bajan – Fortnite Creative More)

  It may not be as epic or powerful as some of the other swords in gaming but it is arguably one of the most well-known. Even people who aren’t gamers take one look at a diamond sword and know that it’s from Minecraft.

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  Ever since the beginning, achieving a diamond sword has been a landmark moment for any Minecraft player. It’s true that these days, there’s a lot more to do, see, and explore in Minecraft, but this sword remains entrenched in the collective subconscious of gaming.


  World of Warcraft Frostmourne - Arthas Reaching Out To Grasp Frostmourne

  World of Warcraft fans will recognize this iconic sword from the franchise: Frostmourne. It’s a two-handed longsword used by the Lich King — this creature was made by the merging of the original Lich King and a human man named Arthas Menethil.

  It was Arthas’ iconic blade during his time as a death knight and then the Lich King until it was destroyed. It caused indescribable damage to the world during its time and the shards were eventually formed into the Blades of the Fallen Prince, called Frostreaper and Icebringer.

  Masamune Sword Weilders - Chrono Trigger in middle, Final Fantasy 7 on right, Soulcalibur IV on left

  A Masamune?is a weapon in the real world named after a legendary Japanese blacksmith,?Gorō Nyūdō Masamune. Weapons we still have which bear his name are either katana (long, thin swords) or tantō (short swords).

  Weapons named Masamune appear in a number of video games, usually styled as katana. It’s in Soulcalibur IV, for example, as one of Mitsurugi’s weapons. It’s the iconic blade of Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII.?Multiple characters wield it in Chrono Trigger but most players associate it with Frog.


  cal kestis with a lightsaber

  via: screenrant.com

  Star Wars may have started out as a film franchise but it has not been scared to diversify its content since?then. Star Wars video games have earned their place beside some of the best titles in the industry.

  The lightsaber is an essential part of any Star Wars video game. When taking the content of a movie and asking “What would make a fun video game?” the answer is obviously the lightsaber battles. They have featured prominently in titles like?Star Wars: Fallen Order, Star Wars Kinect, and more.

  Kingdom Hearts - Riku, Mickey, and Sora holding Keyblades

  Keyblades are a type of weapon from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The most well-known Keyblade is the Kingdom Key, which is the protagonist’s (Sora’s) weapon. When you hear someone talk about “The Keyblade,” they usually mean the Kingdom Key.

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  Other known Keyblades include (but are not limited to) the Way to the Dawn, the Star Seeker, and the Keyblade of People’s Hearts. These weapons are crucial in the fight between Darkness and Light, so they play an important role in the complex Kingdom Hearts storyline.


  Halo's The Arbiter In Killer Instinct Holding An Energy Sword

  Energy Swords are a melee weapon from the Halo franchise. While they appeared in the very first game, players couldn’t fight with them. But, since then, a useable energy sword (or some variation, like the Infected Energy Sword) has appeared in nearly all Halo content.

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  If they’re being used by the opponent, Energy Swords are almost exclusively used by the Sangheili (a race known to humans as ‘The Elites’). For Sangheili, Energy Swords are actually a holy weapon that may only be wielded by aristocrats.

   Buster Sword in FF


  The Buster Sword is the iconic weapon wielded by Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII. It’s used as a symbol for Final Fantasy VII content because of its truly extraordinary size, making it instantly recognizable.

  As a result, the Buster Sword is seen across a lot of content. Cloud (and Kirby) wields a Buster Sword in the Super Smash Bros. series, and when Cloud appears in Kingdom Hearts, he’s holding his Buster Sword wrapped in bandages.


  Soul Edge Sword being wielded by man in silver armour wearing red cape

  The Soul Edge from Soulcalibur is actually alive and is an antagonist in-and-of-itself. Once upon a time, the Soul Edge was just your average weapon. However, it became demonic when it was bathed in blood — it took on a soul, referred to as ‘Inferno,’ who can control whoever wields this weapon.

  It’s been seen in multiple forms, though it’s most recognizable as a sword. People who do wield it become incredibly strong, but at the cost of constantly having their life drained out of them.

  the master sword from legend of zelda

  The Master Sword is the weapon featured again and again in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It’s usually wielded by Link, the games’ protagonist, against Ganon(dorf), the games’ antagonist.

  It’s been known under a number of names: the Sacred Sword, the Sword that Seals the Darkness, the Legendary Sword, and more! But it almost always bears?some variation of that?iconic look: a blue, winged hilt, a long silver blade, and a triforce etched in for good measure.

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